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Passive Grease Traps / Interceptors

The passive grease interceptor and grease trap are conventional restaurant grease recovery equipment in the USA and Canada. The technologies have not changed for years, but are still in practice. The following is a pictorial on the various passive grease trap / interceptor equipment in action. Adult Supervision is Advised.

Grease Traps & Grease Interceptors

grease interceptor 1 grease interceptor 2 grease interceptor 4 grease interceptor 6 grease trap 1 grease trap 2 grease trap 4 grease trap 5 grease trap 6 grease trap 7 in-floor grease trap

Designate a large piece of land. Dig a large hole in the ground. Drop in a large cement, fibreglass, or pvc tank. Add sand and gravel. Hook up the plumbing. Pump it out every month. The in-ground grease interceptor of grease method is not practical nor environmental.

A common oversite is the distance between the 3-compartment sink and the grease interceptor. Frequently grease blockages occur in this 20 to 30 ft span. A grease trap and grease recovery device have 3-5 feet between the sink and the trap.

Explain practicality or cost benefits when the grease interceptor needs 6 people and a crane to install. Pump out costs are permanent. If the grease interceptor leaks or needs replacement the cost is astronomical. Many fast-food restaurants have abandoned their original property location. Grease Recovery Device technology was not available at the time.

Job Security. You slush the grease around and I will suck it up with the giant hose. You hold your nose. Nothing like having the sight, sounds, and smells of your grease interceptor pumped out to bring in new customers.

When the pipes get a grease blockage everything including the rancid grease backs up into the kitchen. The in-floor grease traps must be opened to be cleaned out. The smell is again outrageous. Quality Kitchen Facility? This is not a good environment for a health inspector let alone your kitchen staff.

Another disgusting in-floor grease interceptor. The grease trap pumping companies bring in a large hose and pump the rancid fats, oils, and grease at a permanent monthly cost. What are you really saving with an in-floor grease trap?

This grease trap was photographed in the City of Toronto. This restaurant was shut down. This unserviced grease trap leaves a bad image of the restaurant business. Do you want your kitchen staff cooking in these conditions.

This photo makes it hard to determine that this is a grease trap in the process of being pumped out. Grease Traps and Interceptors must be maintained monthly to be effective.

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How would you like this in-floor grease trap in the middle of your kitchen facility. Every time you lift the grease interceptor lid, the rancid odour lingers for two hours.

in-floor grease trap

Grease Traps look and smell great, new out of the crate. Steel Rusts. Stainless steel is a must in a quality kitchen facility.

in-floor grease trap

One of the most frightening in-floor grease traps of all time. If and When the seal breaks, there are no savings or customers.

Grease Interceptor

Passive Grease Interceptors - Permanent Expense

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