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Sustainability must deliver environmental, social, and financial value. The key factor in sustainability is people. Motivate employees to be part of the sustainability team. A choice of shift or choice of days off are a simple prize to motivate employees. Take the time to inform kitchen staff why your restaurant needs to make a change. Engage Your Kitchen Staff. The level of success will dramatically increase if your staff are involved.

Sustainability Provides Growth

Recycled Grease has Financial Value

It Does not Pay to Throw Away

In an always evolving environment grease recovery devices reduce landfill waste and prevents grease from damaging sanitary sewers and polluting our lakes, rivers, and streams. All passive grease interceptors, regardless of material or shape require pumping. The elimination of the grease trap pumping service is a true sustainable benefit. A large truck, that consumes fossil fuels, is not required to pump and dispose of the grease trap waste with a Goslyn Grease Interceptor.

Grease Recovery From a Chicken Rotisserie

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Sustainability is a Journey, not a Destination

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Recovered grease from Goslyn Grease Traps is recycled for the process of manufacturing biofuel. Biodiesel manufacturers have nicknamed Goslyn's recovered grease "Liquid Gold" as the water content is less than one percent without food particles or soap residue. This has been tested and proven by one National and one Regional waste vegetable oil recycling company.

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Recycled Grease is Revenue, not an Expense

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Costco and Sam's Club in the United States have significantly reduced their output to landfill. Costco and Sam's Clubs are utilizing Goslyn Grease Recovery devices to recover grease from their chicken rotisseries. A substantatial amount of grease has been converted from landfill waste to a source of recycled income. The Goslyn Grease Recovery device contributes the attainable goals of corporate sustainability and zero waste.

Rotisserie Chicken Grease

Costco - Meat scraps and rotisserie chicken grease are now recycled. As of September 2010 Costco had installed 194 Goslyn grease recovery devices in their US warehouses. (24 in Mexico) The result was the recovery of over three million pounds of grease. Grease that once was an expense to haul away is now being recycled for biofuel and soap products with a revenue stream.

A high volume chicken rotisserie oven discharges 50 liters of grease and liquid daily. The liquid is 70% grease and 30% water. 35 Liters of pure fat can be separated and recovered from the rotisserie device. A Goslyn Grease Recovery Device performs wonders for a facilities pipes, eliminates pumping costs, lessens impact on landfill and keeps sanitary sewers systems restaurant grease free. A new-build could significantly reduce costs as an in-ground grease interceptor is not required.

Recycling Chicken Grease

Sam's Club - "Grease traps caught the grease underground and then the waste water would go down the drain, " Voyles explained. "A lot of the time, the grease would leak out of the traps and clogs plumbing lines. We were having a lot of backups before, especially in our higher volume locations. When we started testing this reclamation system, one of the side benefits we did not think about is those plumbing backups stopped. Our plumbing expense went down 20 percent in the first year in the units that switched." Overall, the return on investment of the grease collection system installation is about 18 to 24 months, depending if the warehouse has a single or a double-stack oven, Voyles said.

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Green Retail Decisions

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Oxford Properties has implemented Goslyn Grease Recovery Devices at the Scarborough Town Centre and Yorkdale Shopping Centre food courts and restaurants. Annually over 26,000 litres of fats, oils, and grease from each mall is recovered and recycled to biodiesel. This practice reduces the impact to landfill from kitchen waste products. Fats, oils, and grease are not easily biodegradeable.

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Sustainability Must Deliver Value

Kitchen facilities without Goslyn Grease Recovery Systems
have these monthly costs:

  • Grease Trap pumping and cleaning
  • Drain snaking
  • Linejetting and powerjetting
  • Grease trap bacterias and enzymes

Kitchen facilities without Goslyn Grease Recovery Systems
have these future costs:

  • Grease Trap Leaking - destroyed land and/or property
  • Grease Trap Overflows - carpet cleaning, flooding
  • Sanitary Sewer Overflows - just wait for the bill and fine
  • Insurance Deductibles - restaurant closures, property damage
Grease Interceptor

Make Sustainable Choices

Make Educated Decisions

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