"An innovative grease recovery technology that results in increased profits, cost savings, and process improvement exceeding customer expectations, reliability and compliance requirements for years to come"

Grease Recovery Device Benefits

  • Lowers Facility Repair and Scheduled Maintenance Budgets
  • Eliminates grease trap pumping expenses (reduced operating costs)
  • Ends line jetting and drain snaking (permanent savings)
  • Eliminates cost of grease trap bacterias and enzymes (pollutants)
  • Recovered Grease is Recyclable (zero waste)
  • Installation without excavation or concrete cutting (time saving)
  • Fits Under or near any 2 or 3 compartment sink (relocatable)
  • Maintenance - Less than 2 Minutes Daily (productive)
  • No Rancid Odours (improved workplace environment)
  • Stainless Steel Construction (lasting and durable)
  • No moving mechanical parts (no skimming wheels, motors, or pumps)
  • No Consumable Parts (No wiper blades or filters)
  • Thorough Grease Recovery (Always Compliant)

Grease Trap Plumbing Costs

Goslyn Green Light

Line Jetting - $1000 per visit

Drain Snaking - $150 per visit

Bylaw Infractions - $500 per visit

Grease Trap Pumping - $200 per visit

Grease Trap Chemicals - $200 per month

Goslyn Grease Recovery Devices - Priceless

as cost controls have become ever so urgent.

Zero Waste Grease Interceptors

Goslyn Grease Trap

Many Grocery chains, hotels, and shopping mall food courts, claim 100% sustainability with Zero waste. Grease trap waste is a neglected aspect of sustainability in the foodservice industry. Goslyn is the only truly sustainable grease recovery device on the market. Goslyn Grease Recovery Devices produce zero landfill waste. The recovered grease is recycable for future biodiesel use.

Grease trap pumping is unnecesarry as the recovered grease is recycled daily. Goslyn systems do not store rotting rancid grease waste. No Grease Trap Odours ! The unwanted sight, sound and associated cost of grease trap pumping is eliminated. A Goslyn does not leave a footprint in the sanitary sewer, septic system, or landfill sites.

Goslyn Grease Recovery Devices do a complete job of recovering grease from combi-ovens and chicken rotisseries as well as grease from 3-compartment sinks and automatic dishwashers.

Odour Free Work Environment

Your Restaurant is Open 5000 Hours Per Year

Working With Rancid and Smelly Drains Daily?

Are You Saving Money?


Blocked Drains, Trap Overflow - Waiting on the Plumbers?

Kitchen staff do not want to touch a standard grease trap or grease interceptor. Rancid smells from standard grease traps are inhumane. Grease blockages and backups create slippery and unsafe conditions. A practice of waiting for chicken rotisserie pans to cool down enough to handle but hot enough for the grease to remain liquid can be hazardous. Kitchen staff are non-productive when cleaning rancid grease traps and grease blocked drains. Goslyn Grease Recovery devices complete a professional foodservice facility.

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Still Paying for Grease Trap Pumping?

Productive, Durable, Long-lasting

Automated Grease Recovery Devices

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