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Superior Grease Interceptor Technology

Goslyn Interceptor Models

We will put Goslyn up against any grease trap or interceptor models on the market for ease of use, grease recovery, durability, and reliability. Goslyn Grease Recovery Devices excel with any sized 3-Compartment sink & automatic dishwasher simultaneously. Goslyn models perform under the toughest grease conditions. Stainless-Steel - Our systems are built to last. Goslyn also recovers grease from Range Hoods, Chicken Rotisserie and/or Combi-Oven suited for grocery stores (GOS-40).

Grease Recovery Device Specifications

Goslyn Model Gallons Per Minute Height Length Width Height to Inlet Centre Height to Outlet Centre

Commercial Kitchen Interceptor Models

GOS 40 10US 16.0" 24.0" 16.0" 12.4" 10.5"
GOS 80 25US 20.5" 37.0" 24.0" 14.8" 12.4"
GOS 60LP 15US 14.0" 36.0" 16.0" 10.0" 6.7"
GOS 80LP 25US 14.0" 40.0" 24.0" 14.8" 10.0"

GOS-40 = 40 Litre or 10 US GPM - Unit Weight 84Lb, 38KG

GOS-60 = 60 Litre or 15 US GPM - Unit Weight 117Lb, 53KG

GOS-80 = 80 Litre or 25 US GPM - Unit Weight 130Lb, 59KG

LP = Low Profile Units

Goslyn outlet pipe

GOS-40, 60, 80 Models: 2" inlet and outlet

No additional drains required

No additional plumbing required

Industrial Interceptor Models

GOS 160 50US 21.0" 39.0" 24.0" 15.0" 13.0"
GOS 240 75US 27.0" 40.0" 24.0" 20.0" 16.0"
GOS 320 100US 31.0" 42.0" 24.0" 24.0" 21.0"

GOS-160 = 160 Litre or 50 US GPM - Unit Weight 217Lb, 98KG

GOS-240 = 240 Litre or 75 US GPM - Unit Weight 280Lb, 127KG

GOS-320 = 320 Litre or 100 US GPM - Unit Weight 351Lb, 160KG

Goslyn outlet pipe

GOS-160 Model: 2" inlet and outlet

GOS-240 & GOS-320 Models: 3" inlet and outlet

Goslyn Electrical and Material Specifications

Standard GFI 3 Prong Plug - 110 Volt, 1000 watts, 9 Amps

Exterior Construction - 2.5mm 308 Stainless Steel

GOS-40, GOS-60, and GOS-80 Models

Goslyn Top View Grease Recovery Cassette

Grease Recovery Cassette Being Emptied and Top View without Stainless Cover

Grease Interceptor

Goslyn Interceptor attached to both Dishwasher and 3-compartment sink

Low Profile grease traps Goslyn GOS-80 Goslyn Strainer Basket

Food Solids Strainer Basket emptied and easily accessible from top cover

Goslyn Industrial Systems

Goslyn GOS-80

Goslyn Industrial Grease Recovery Systems are customized to the food manufacturing facility's needs. Food manufacturing facilities are unique in regards to processes, wastewater, and food contents. No two installations are exactly the same in food manufacturing. We provide a complete wastewater solution, not just the hardware.

All Goslyn systems operate with no moving mechanical parts. This design feature provides the utmost reliability and efficiency in grease recovery. Goslyn Grease Recovery Device systems are superior to any grease recovery or grease prevention system on the market. (GOS-320 Model in Photo)

Grease Interceptor

Goslyn Grease Recovery Systems

99.6% Grease Recovery from Foodservice Wastewater

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Fully Canadian Certified - Fully Canadian Compliant

Efficient Design with Minimal Maintenance

Fully Automated Grease Interceptor Systems

More Goslyn Info Environmental Impact Grease Management

Goslyn attached to combi-oven

3 Prong Electrical plug

Recovered Grease is easily visible and emptied from front cassette

Internal flow control
is situated at
the effluent inlet

Goslyn Systems recover grease from multiple fixtures efficiently and simultaneously

Built-In strainer basket captures all food solids

Goslyn conveniently fits under or near any sink

Stainless Steel top Cover sealed with stainless steel clamps

The Goslyn is
well put together.
Perfect welds
and quality
stainless steel.

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